Dawn of Jayne is a Los Angeles based trio lead by singer/songwriter Tamara Bruketta, with Freddie Wong on guitar and bass, and Josh Wolf on drums. All coming from different musical backgrounds and influences, together they create a unique genre-defying sound that they describe as timeless tunes for the time traveling truant. Their blend of alternative soul, flamboyant grunge and indie rock will have you toe tapping along while you contemplate your existence.

2017 marked the dawning of the Jayne. The band began when Tamara Bruketta realized a home for her lifelong passion of story telling and poetry and started soulfully writing her dreams into reality. Heavily influenced by the rhythm and blues she grew up on, she began independently creating and producing her debut EP Not Dead Yet. Followed shortly after by the band's first full album Stagnation boasting the tagline "Tamara Bruketta and whoever wants to hang out." Ten people, current band members included, set out on a musical exploration to create a concept album reminiscent of the days when albums actually had full concepts. The sixteen song album explores the nature of toxic masculinity and the often disregarded divine feminine, giving traces of Fleetwood Mac mixed with TLC. Shortly following Stagnation the band hit the road and completed three short US tours. Their 2019 tour across the south culminated in the development of their full band EP NOWHEN. Written, recorded and produced entirely independently in 2020, NOWHEN is where the band really developed their nuanced sound. Named for a place that exists outside of space and time NOWHEN really does feel like an album that is entirely limitless. Partially created during the global pandemic and lockdown, amidst the Los Angeles protests and riots, NOWHEN was where Dawn of Jayne really honed in on their existential groove.

Despite the changing political and socio-economic climate Dawn of Jayne has kept a small flame burning, growing a grass roots community of artists and musicians across the Los Angeles area. They have been featured in podcasts, film and television and have been the spark of many creative collaborations. They are currently in production of their sophmore album titled Liminal Sister. A subtle blend between Tracy Chapman and Weezer the new album will feel familiar yet mysterious while it incorporates the band's own unique primal funk, set to release in Spring of 2023.